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Used Car Engines for Sale    [Category : Used Engines]
Posted By : HOUSTON TRANSMISSION REBUILD on 2012-06-20 10:08:46
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With the economy in disarray, more and more folks are demanding Used Car Engines for Sale.

Houston Engine Rebuild understands the needs of folks on a budget and has an option very suitable for someone looking for an affordable engine that has plenty of life left in it.

Contrary to popular belief, a used engine may be one of the best unmentioned values in replacement engines if you know who to deal with. I think a used engine with low mileage that has been certified to be in perfect operating order may be a better deal than any other form of engine. Especially for those on a budget.

The thing I really like about a solid used engine is that it has not had any major repairs performed on it. Meaning it was manufactured correctly from the factory, and had no warranty issues. This generally means that if the engine had it’s regular maintenance performed on it, it will last longer than most folks expect it to.

Buying a complete used engine is called a ”turnkey” engine. That means a fully equipped used engine, plucked from the donor vehicle can literally be installed in your car, hook it up, and off you go. A very enticing recipe for success, to say the least.

Another way to make use of a used motor is during an engine swap, where one desires a more powerful power-plant. This is a great time to do it because all of the needed components to make the changeover often come on the fresh power-plant. Definitely worth thinking about.

The best thing for you to do is call Houston Engine Rebuild  and speak with someone who knows the engine business inside and out. Allow us to council you on how to choose your used engine. Our only goal is to make sure we outfit you with the exact engine you need. Call now and experience our world class service.

Ford Maverick 5.0L Used Engines    [Category : Ford Engines]
Posted By : HOUSTON TRANSMISSION REBUILD on 2012-06-20 10:06:49
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Ford Maverick had the look, the reputation and the V8 engine to be something special and it was. Ford wanted a low priced competitor to the Mustang and this is what they came up with. The powerful 302 5.0L engine was selected to be the winning engine in the Maverick after the first 2 tries were not well received by car owners. Inside of our inventory you will find Ford Maverick 5.0L used engines for sale. Our pricing is created completely with our network of customers in mind.

It’s hard to beat a Ford. You can find a lot of good things written online and talked about offline with these engines. Most of the quality issues that people have dealt with stem from irregular use or irregular maintenance. Ford builds engines to last and that’s why they have always used the phrase “Built Ford Tough” because they mean it. What you will never find is anything negative written about our company online. We sell to mechanics, scrap yards and regular people that use our engines in a variety of ways. We try to make everyone look great with our 5.0L engines inside of their cars.
Ford Maverick 5.0L Used Engines

The V8 power from Ford is not sacrificed in our used engines for sale. We make sure that we only buy from dealers that have OEM engines and not from secondary builders. A common trend these days is to sell whatever engine can be found on auction websites regardless of the quality. We don’t sell on these sites and our engines would never fit into that category. The Ford engine inventory that we carry is shipped to thousands of locations in the U.S. and we are the number one supplier for used engines online. If you have purchased a used engine in the past 4 or 5 years someplace, the chance of it coming from our inventory was pretty good. Powering your Maverick is not hard when you have a clean and evaluated engine to put inside of it.

All the things that we use to have great engines are what contributes to our success. Our mechanics and testing equipment. Our knowledge of cleaning engines. The freight companies that we have signed agreements with for engine delivery. Every piece of the puzzle must come together for us on a daily basis and it does. Our 5.0L V8 engines give you the clean look that you want and the durability to put thousands of miles on them without the fear of some type of problem happening in the future. Buying from a reputable dealer like us will keep you away from used engine disappointments.

Ford Maverick 5.0L Used Engines Price Quotes

Online price quotes are one way that we are very different from other sellers. You don’t have to call and haggle over the phone to get a fair price. You can get it online. Use the 5.0L Maverick quote form that we created. It’s super easy and asks for no personal information. You can even secure our low Ford price by phone if you want. Just call (713) 973-9910 and you’ll be put right through to our quote staff.
Chevy HHR 2.4L Used Engines    [Category : Chevrolet Engines]
Posted By : HOUSTON TRANSMISSION REBUILD on 2012-06-20 10:06:34
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Chevy HHR was a concept car created exclusively by General Motors. The 2.4L Ecotec was the most used engine in this series due to its higher horsepower. The HHR was sold to hundreds of thousands of people around the world and this retro station wagon took on a life of its own. Car clubs and collectors alike hold conventions and annual celebrations that feature the Chevy HHR.

What does a used engine really come with? The answer is that your engine condition depends on where it was purchased and who owned it previously. We have been very lucky creating partnerships throughout our existence with engine distributors and suppliers. We are able to buy excellent engines that are in used condition. We take the engines inside of our engine shop and shine them up for sale. What we are interested in with Chevy engines is low mileage. We know that finding an engine that does not have high miles from an auction website is pretty much hopeless. Because we buy from the best distributors, we provide low mileage HHR used engines for sale.

Chevy HHR 2.4L Used Engines

We sell thousands of 2.4L Ecotec engines each year and our price has just a little bit to do with that success. What we usually hear from feedback given by our customers is the speed of shipping and the cleanliness of each engine. For some reason, when people buy used engines online they have the notion that they are all alike. Many people find out quickly that used to us probably is not in the vocabulary of another dealer. Our engines are not full of dry rot, corrosion or rust. We take extreme measures to prevent this type of deterioration with our testing practices. Each engine goes through a cleaning phase and special treatment is applied by our certified GM mechanics. We give you many extras for the price that you pay.

Fast shipping is one of the freebies that are included when you buy a 2.4L engine from our company. Negotiations have already taken place with top carriers that agreed to handle our engines each day. You will not have worries about shipping damage or delays. Our professional staff crates each engine by hand and transports engines using the safest equipment. Engines are shipped out by the hundreds each day from our various locations. You need replacement Chevy engines quickly and we have no trouble providing that to any of our customers.

Chevy HHR 2.4L Used Engines Pricing

We know you are a real person with real engine needs. You can get treated poorly from other sellers online and we take your business seriously. 

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