BMW Engines


Founded in Germany in 1916, Bayerische Motoren Werke or as we know it, BMW, is a global leader in luxury car manufacturing. They are still based in Munich, Germany and export their vehicles and BMW engines to all corners of the world. BMW engines are known for their high-performance and durability, making used BMW used engines a strong commodity. BMW also makes motorcycles, jets and other vehicles, and is the parent company of the ever popular Rolls Royce brand.

When you need a BMW engine for your vehicle, look no further than Houston Transmission Rebuild. We carry all makes and models of BMW used engines, as well as new, rebuilt and remanufactured. BMW used engines can be purchased more cheaply than new BMW engines, and then installed in the body of an old vehicle. It’s like getting a brand new car for half the price.

BMW makes several models of vehicles, including the 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series, X3, X5, X6, Z4, M3, M5, M6 and more. They also make the discontinued BMW 8 Series, M1, Z3, Z1 and Z8 among others. No matter what year, make or model you have, we can find a BMW engine to fit it perfectly. Please be sure to provide us with the VIN number, so we can pinpoint the exact BMW engine you need.

Nicknamed the Beemer, a BMW is not only a status symbol, but also a reliable, high-performance luxury car. At Houston Transmission Rebuild we sell new BMW engines, used BMW engines, rebuilt BMW engines and remanufactured BMW engines for all makes and all models. Please give our friendly customer service center a call, and we’ll find the engine you need faster than a BMW goes 0 to 60.

Used BMW Engines
Looking to get your BMW back on the road at a fraction of the cost? A used BMW engine can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars when compared to a new BMW engine. Our inventory of used BMW engines come from reputable auto recyclers who salvaged these reliable engines from cars with non-engine related failures, such as transmission failures, severe body damage or other issues that don’t affect the motor. Many used BMW engines are salvaged from vehicles that are deemed “totaled” by an insurance company on a technicality, meaning that you can often get late model used engines in very good condition for a discount price. When you order used BMW engines from Houston Transmission Rebuild, we’ll include all available information, including a vehicle history report, mileage and service history.

Rebuilt BMW Engines
A rebuilt BMW engine comes at a significantly lower price than a new BMW engine, but they’ve been completely overhauled to run like new. Rebuilt BMW engines are dismantled, taken apart, inspected, cleaned and reassembled with new or remachined parts to bring it back up to OEM standards. The quality of a rebuilt BMW engine from is often backed by a warranty, meaning you’ll save money and get peace of mind. We have a number of rebuilt BMW engines available, or we can find you a rebuilt BMW motor in your price range by tapping into our network of auto parts dealers and engine shops from across the country. Just call us and we’ll get you a rebuilt BMW engine for less.

BMW Engines
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