Brake Services

Our Automotive Engine Rebuilders Are Also Adept at Doing Brake Services

There will come a point in time where the brakes on your vehicle will gain issues. Once you spot these, it’s strongly advised that you have it maintained or repaired as quickly as possible. A good explanation to do this is that it may likely cause brake failure when you’re driving on the road. This can cause fatal injuries to you, so your best option is to have it serviced by Houston Engine Rebuild. Clients in Houston would always come to us as well whenever they need our automotive engine rebuilders.

Why Choose Our Brake Service?

Sometimes, there are car owners who would work on the brakes themselves. This shouldn’t be done because it might further damage the brakes, especially if the person working on it doesn’t have enough experience in doing it. Working on them can be complicated because there are small parts like screws that are needed to put them back together. And once you’ve lost them, that’s going to add more problems to you. By coming to our auto repair shop and getting our quality brake services, there will be no complications. Not when our mechanics are doing the job.

Head Over to Our Shop Now!

We are adept at doing maintenance, repairs, and other tasks that are required to keep the brakes in top condition. One type of brake problem that we’re skilled at working on is when replacing brake pads. You may think that this is an easy task to do, but it’s not. When working on them, we always wear safety gloves, especially when the brakes just newly arrived. These tend to get hot, so we wear gloves to not get our hands burned. We first remove the wheel, then the calipers. Since the brake pads are inside the calipers, we disassemble them and we replace the worn-out brake pads with new ones.

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