Buick transmissions


Buick transmissions have been in everything – from cars to vans to tanks. These transmissions were built at their assembly plant during World War II and even put into the M18 Hellcat tank destroyer. One of the first Buick transmissions was the Dynaflow transmission. This automatic transmissions was developed by the GM Buick Motor Divisions from the 1940s until the mid 1960s. When it first came out, this Buick transmission used a 5 spline torque converter, two turbines, and two stators. A planetary gearset allowed the Dynaflow to have 2 forward speeds and a reverse gear. Though, it was a modern marvel at the time, the Buick Dynaflow was far from perfect. By 1964, the Dynaflow was phased out by the more efficient Super Turbine 300 two-speed. This also led the way for the the Super Turbine 400 three-speed automatic transmission. The Super Turbine 400 was renamed the THM400 and by 1965 was being installed into all Buicks and Cadillacs. The THM400 has a torque converter that uses a variable-pitch stator. This minor change is highly valuable because it makes this Buick transmissions extremely sturdy. THM400 transmissions are very popular in automotive scene due to the strength of the cast iron center support which allows engineers to suspend the transmission’s shafts and join the clutch to the gear train.

In 1987, GM changed the Turbo Hydramatic 400 name to the ‘3L80’. That same year, the 3L80-HD was introduced and incorporated into heavy duty applications, such as vans, buses, and trucks. By 1991, the 4L80-E had been created and was one of the first Buick transmissions to use electronic controls. The 4L80-E can be put into vehicles that have up to 8000 lb (3629 kg) gross vehicle weight rating and that put out up to 440 pounds of torque. Many components between the THM400, 3L80, and the 3L80HD are interchangeable and very easy to find. If you need a tranmission to handle even more – the 4L85-E is the transmission you need. The powerful 4L85-E is able to handle vehicles from 7200 to 16,500 lb gross vehicle weight rating and can withstand up 460 pounds of torque. If you are looking for the sturdy 4L80-E transmission or just trying to keep your classic Buick original with the Buick Dynaflow transmission – houstonenginerebuild will have what you need. We are ready to ship around the world to get your transmission to you!

Buick transmissions available

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Buick transmissions
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