Cadillac transmissions


Cadillac provides a great selection of automatic and manual transmissions for their vehicles. While automatic transmissions come standard to almost all models, manual transmissions are an option available for anyone seeking a unique style of driving. The differences between the two are immediately noticeable. For example, if you seek power and control a manual transmission may be the choice for you. On the other hand automatic transmissions deliver comfortable, dependable shifts with less distraction to the driver so that they can focus more on their surroundings.

Some of the differences between the two Cadillac transmission styles may not be noticeable at first to anyone other than the experienced car owner. One particular example of a less apparent difference is that a manual transmission is more likely to wear out with poor shifting . Once it is completely worn out the only option left is to replace the damaged part. The negative side of this is that for most models a manual transmission part is likely to be more expensive than an automatic. With an automatic transmission you have a computer to guide your shifting which aids in eliminating poor shifts. However, an automatic is more complicated to both rebuild and diagnose. Although most find that diagnostics is an easier process than it formally was in the past with technology where it is today.

When selecting a Cadillac transmission it is important to keep in mind your expectations of your vehicle’s gas mileage. All parts of the power train affect gas mileage in some way and the transmission is the largest factor in gas consumption besides the engine. A five speed transmission can provide more power with less shifting, but a poorer gas rating on the highway. This is compared to a six speed transmission that has an extra gear to provide that added gas saving power.

In the end, when you are deciding between an automatic or manual Cadillac transmission, the choice boils down to your individual driving habits and needs. Other factors that might come into play are the cost of repairs and driving experience. For those that are less car savvy, and automatic Cadillac transmission may be a better choice. However, for those drivers that prefer to feel in control of their driving experience a manual will probably suit their needs more effectively.

Cadillac transmissions available

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Cadillac transmissions
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