Chrysler Engines


At Houston Engine Rebuild, we have new, used, remanufactured and rebuilt Chrysler used engines for any model of car, SUV or mini-van. We have a full line of used and new Chrysler engines available at prices you simply won’t believe.

As one of the original Big Three automakers in Detroit, Chrysler has been producing automobiles and trucks since 1925, when it was founded by Walter Chrysler. Over the years Chrysler has added other companies under its corporate umbrella, including Jeep, Dodge, and ENVI. Their line of vehicles is known for their stylish and unique look, and Chrysler engines have outstanding durability and performance. When you need a rebuilt, used, remanufactured or new Chrysler engine, contact Houston Engine Rebuild.

At Houston Engine Rebuild we also have remanufactured, used, new and rebuilt Chrysler engines for all models of automobiles. We carry Chrysler engines for: Chrysler 300, Sebring, PT Cruiser and Crossfire, as well as all discontinued models of Chrysler cars. No matter what model year you need, Houston Engine Rebuild can find it in our warehouse, or in our comprehensive database of suppliers and dealers. Tell us what you need and we’ll search our network to find the right used, rebuilt, new or remanufactured Chrysler engine. Its simple, we can find any Chrysler engine you need for a low price.  

At Houston Engine Rebuild we also have new and used Chrysler engines for their lines of SUV, mini-vans and cross-overs, such as: Pacifica, Town and Country, and Aspen.  We also carry rebuilt, remanufactured and used Chrysler engines for discontinued models of Chrysler.  All of our rebuilt and remanufactured Chrysler engines are put through rigorous testing so they perform just as good as a new Chrysler engine. These used Chrysler engines are just as good as new, but at a fraction of the price.

Houston Engine Rebuild has all sorts of remanufactured and rebuilt Chrysler engines, as well as new. No matter what year of car you have we can get it at Houston Engine Rebuild. There is simply no Chrysler engine we can’t find.

Chrysler Engines
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