Dodge Engines


When you need a rebuilt, used, remanufactured or new Dodge engine, contact Houston Engine Rebuild. We have a full line of new and used Dodge engines for sale for the entire line of cars, trucks and SUVs, including engines for their parent company Chrysler. Houston Engine Rebuild can find you the new, used, remanufactured or rebuilt Dodge engine you need for any model, any year, at a price that you will not believe.

The Dodge Brothers Company was founded in 1900 by brothers John and Horace. They made chassis and Dodge engines to be used in a variety of different Detroit-based car firms, one of them being Ford. In 1913, they decided to break away and start their own line of vehicles, and the Dodge company was born. Now almost one-hundred years later, Dodge engines are still built for their power and durability.

At Houston Engine Rebuild we also have remanufactured, used, new and rebuilt Dodge engines for all models of Dodge trucks. We carry Dodge engines for: Ram, Dakota, and Sprinter. We can also locate rebuilt, remanufactured or used Dodge engines for all discontinued models, no matter what model year you need. Our warehouse and database also includes Dodge engines for their automobiles such as: Avenger, Caliber, Challenger, Charger and Viper. Contact us today to get a used, rebuilt or new Dodge engine quickly and easily.

We have a warehouse of Dodge engines that goes back for decades of model years, but if we don’t have the Dodge engine you need in stock, we’ll locate it among our database of dealers and suppliers. Tell us what vehicle you have, as well as the VIN number, and we’ll search our network of suppliers and dealers to find a used, rebuilt, new or remanufactured Dodge engine that fits the vehicle perfectly.

At Houston Engine Rebuild we also have new and used Dodge engines for SUV, mini-vans and cross-overs, such as: Nitro, Durango, Grand Caravan and Journey. There is simply no Dodge engine we can not find. Even discontinued models! We can locate used, rebuilt or remanufactured engines for discontinued Dodge models dating back for generations. And these rebuilt and remanufactured Dodge engines aren’t just ripped from a junkyard; they are rebuilt to be the same quality as a new Dodge engine.

Dodge Engines
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