Engine Rebuild Service

Once your vehicle’s engine starts acting up, you need to make an important decision. You have the option to replace it with a used or brand new one, or you can go to a local mechanic and ask for an engine rebuilding service. A rebuilt engine is something completely different from the used engine. The difference is that the rebuilt engines are better. They are stronger, more powerful, and more reliable than most used engines.

Houston Engine Rebuild is a professional mechanic in Houston that can offer you professional engine rebuild service. We service cars of all makes and models, and there is no project too challenging or too simple for us. We are well-trained and prepared for anything your vehicle might have for us. But why purchase a rebuilt engine?

The primary reason to opt for an engine rebuild service is the low price. The service costs much less compared to buying a new engine since it contains recycled and refurbished parts. However, because it has been tested, the engine will perform much better than the one that is not rebuilt, and this is the reason why many people opt for this solution when they need to repair their engines. What is more, some rebuilt engines even come with a warranty.

We rebuild engines by using others that may have had a failure. We disassemble and refurbish the system with new parts, and then test it to ensure it works like brand new. These engines work better than newer models because they are rebuilt according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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