Engine Repair

Making sure that your vehicle is in good condition at all times is vital for safety, efficiency, and comfortability. That is the reason the moment you start to show signs of damage in your car, you should immediately call a professional to have it inspected and fixed. For the people residing in Houston and the neighboring areas,  is the licensed and insured auto engine repair shop you can trust for the job.

What We Do

Conveniently located in Houston, our reputable auto engine repair shop specializes in all types of auto engine services, including repairs of almost all makes and models of vehicles. All of our mechanics are kept up to date with the current repair methods of modern vehicles. Aside from having exceptionally skilled and highly qualified professionals, we’re also equipped with top-notch computer diagnostic tools that allow us to efficiently and accurately diagnose all the issues of your vehicle.

How We Do It

When you come to Houston Engine Rebuild, you will be welcomed by our accommodating staff at our clean and comfortable repair facility. You can conveniently go to our auto engine repair shop during business hours and you will surely be accommodated right away.

First, we will check the condition of your vehicle. We will then clearly explain to your what causes the damage and let you know all your options. Before starting the repair, we will make sure that we are on the same page to prevent confusions and complaints.

With the use of top-notch tools combined with our world-class workmanship, rest assured you will have a well-functioning vehicle in no time. Our repairs range from simple fixes to major parts replacement. If parts are needed, we can guarantee to only use high-quality vehicle parts to ensure a durable outcome.

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