Ford Engines


Ford engines are built for reliability that lasts and lasts over the decades. But as you know, the older your Ford car or truck gets, the harder it becomes to find quality used or new auto parts. Finding discontinued Ford engines for out-of-production models such as the Ford Ranger, the Mercury line and Ford Five Hundred, can be especially difficult.

Houston Engine Rebuild gives you the best of both worlds in terms of quality and reliability, availability and price. We have remanufactured engines, used engines, rebuilt, new, even large Ford diesel engines, such as the turbocharged power stroke 6.7 and 7.3L motors.

All of our engines are set to high quality standards. Take our rebuilt engine inventory for example. They have been disassembled, cleaned, retooled and re-machined, had all defective hardware replaced and then rigorously tested and certified to run like new. Rebuilt engines come at an excellent price discount because they are used, but because they’ve been tested and certified, they usually carry warranties that promise repair, replacement or refund if it quits on you in a certain amount of time. Rebuilt engines are especially good for early model cars because they are brought up to today’s standards of efficiency, safety and performance, meaning it may even be better than new.

Supplying Your Next Ford Engine
No matter what model of Ford you have, Houston Engine Rebuild can find the Ford engine you need. We carry rebuilt, remanufactured, used, new and crate Ford engines for sale for all automobile models including: Focus, Fusion, Focus Coupe, Flex, Taurus and the perennial Mustang. We have a Ford engine suppliers that go back for generations, but if we’re able to find the Ford engine you need in stock, we’ll hunt it down among our database of dealers and suppliers. We also carry rebuilt, remanufactured, new and used Ford engines for discontinued models like the Escort. Tell us what vehicle you have and we’ll search our network of suppliers and dealers to find the used, rebuilt, new or remanufactured Ford engine you need.

Ford Truck Engines
At Houston Engine Rebuild we also have remanufactured, used, new and rebuilt Ford engines for all models of Ford trucks. We carry Ford engines for: F-150, F-250, F-350, and Ranger. We can find a remanufactured, rebuilt, new or used Ford engine for all discontinued models dating back for decades. When you need a Ford engine for a 1992 Ford Ranger, call us and we’ll find it!

Our Houston Engine Rebuild database is filled with new and used Ford engines, and we can find the one you need quickly and easily. If by chance we don’t have the used or new Ford engine in our database, we’ll perform a comprehensive search among our huge network of suppliers and dealers to find that Ford engine. The point is we will do whatever it takes for find the new or used Ford engine you need, and then sell it to you at a low, affordable price.

We also carry new and used Ford engines for SUV and vans, such as: Edge, Escape and Explorer. We can also locate used, rebuilt, new or remanufactured engines for discontinued Ford models dating back for years. Our rebuilt and remanufactured Ford engines are just as high-quality as a new Ford engine. They are put through rigorous testing and will perform as if they were new Ford engines.

Ford Engines
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