Geo transmissions


Most transmissions tend to have many intricate parts and the transmission within a GEO Tracker is no exception. Normally you will find that the main problems found with transmission difficulties will center on anything from the drive shaft to the gearbox. Getting through these problems could be as easy as adding extra fluid or could be incredibly difficult requiring a licensed mechanic to get involved and troubleshoot. Here are a few tips and procedures that can be done before getting a mechanic involved.

1) Take your Geo Tracker out for a drive around the town to allow the engine to be warm and the car functioning at normal performance. Most transmission issues will sometimes be as simple as refilling the fluid intake. In order to properly check the level of your transmission fluid, you will open your hood and find the Transmission Fluid dip stick. When pulled, you will find that the liquid is much different from oil based upon its orange tint. You will pull the dip stick out, wipe clean, and place back in for a total of 4-5 times until you get an average reading from all attempts. If low, you will add the transmission fluid accordingly and measure until the proper amount is achieved.

2) A filter issue can also be the cause of many transmission problems and a replacement should be completed every 20,000 miles. To perform this change, the Geo Tracker should be elevated so that the bottom of the car and the fluid pan can be reached with ease. At this point you will unhinge the bolts from the pan carefully and once removed allow for the excess fluid to leak out completely from the pan. Once the pan is removed, the filter can then be removed and replaced accordingly. It is a definite necessity to clean out the pan completely before adding the new filter so that old fluid and debris does not immediately affect the replaced part.

3) Once these have been completed, the transmission of your car should be back to working in proper order. If you find that your vehicle begins to start making uncommon noises or refuses to properly shift into specific gears, a licensed mechanic would need to be involved to take a look at the transmission. In issues such as these, the mechanic will often inform you that the vehicle requires the transmission to be rebuilt or a new transmission be installed in its place.

Geo transmissions available

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Geo transmissions
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