Honda transmissions


Honda is a globally popular automobile manufacturer that is based in Japan. It is as of 2009 the sixth largest car manufacturer in the world. In the United States, it is the fourth largest car manufacturer.

Most Honda transmissions today have five gears. This was not so in the late 60s and early 70s when Honda cars only had two. Since then, the number of gears increased from a 2-speed transmission model in 1973 to 3-speed in 1979. Four speed models began appearing by1983 but it was not until the year 2000 that Honda produced their 5-speed models. The gear ratios range between 3.722 and 3.181 (first gear); 2.105 and 1.468 (second gear); 1.480 and 1.033 (third gear); 1.160 and 0.823 (fourth gear); finally 0.870 and 0.694 (fifth gear).

Automatic Honda transmissions, the earliest ones were known as Hondamatic, are different in design concept from those used by the majority of car makers worldwide. Its automatic transmissions are more like traditional manual transmissions than the more common planetary gear design. Parallel sliding gears are what make Honda transmissions unique among automatic transmissions. It was first used in the N360 in 1968. Honda’s development of its unique automatic transmission stemmed from Borg Warner, an American company that supplied automatic transmissions, not having the specific model that would fit the new car model’s specifications. The company’s research and development team discovered the use of a stator reactive force to control hydraulic pressure.

The number of Grand Prix cars claimed to have been built by the company number about 72. These cars utilized recently developed technology by Honda. Transmissions are very important when it comes to quick and smooth acceleration needed by racers. Data gathered from these racers helped produce technology that has placed Honda in an enviable position.

When having a Honda transmission rebuilt, it is important to approach a certified transmission re-builder. Because Honda technology was developed in-house, in a manner of speaking, this makes if different from most brands. This makes a specialist necessary especially if the goal were to maintain the high quality and high power of the current models.

Honda transmissions available

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Honda transmissions
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