LandRover transmissions


Land Rovers have been in production since as early as 1947 in the United Kingdom, yet few makes and models were sold in the U.S. through 1975 when Land Rovers ceased importation to the United States. Land Rovers then managed to re-debut in the U.S. auto market in 1987 under the Range Rover makes and models, and ever since, Land Rovers continue to be one of the more popular Sport Utility Models sold across the globe

Originally, Land Rovers were manufactured for the British military as an all-terrain, expeditionary, all-purpose vehicle, which pre-dates the American Hummer models by several decades. Land Rovers quickly gained a global reputation as highly durable utility vehicles, capable of enduring the harshest of environmental conditions. Engine specifications varied widely in make and model since consumers were able to choose between manual and automatic transmission options.

Range Rover Transmissions (1987-2002)

Land Rovers were initially released under the Ranger Rover model name until the arrival of the Land Rover Discovery years later. Range Rovers featured engines ranging in size from 2.5L 111hp to 4.2L 200hp. Range Rovers sold in the U.S. market included 4-speed automatic ZF 4HP22 transmissions, manufactured by Germany’s ZF Friedrichshafen AG. These transmissions are frequently utilized in BMWs and Jaguars as well due to their interchangeable components. The only Range Rover produced with a different transmission was the 4.6L model, which included a 5-speed automatic ZF 5HP24 transmission.

Land Rover Discovery Transmissions (1989-1999)

Land Rover’s Discovery I models were released in 1994 with much of the same transmission options as the Range Rover makes and models. The difference between the two models was that the Discovery I series Land Rovers were sold with 5-speed manual transmissions or an optional 4-speed ZF4HP22 automatic transmission manufactured by the aforementioned ZF Friedrichshafen. Both the Discovery I and II models were released with ZF transmissions.

Land Rover Defender Transmissions (1993-1997)

Land Rover designed the Defender in order to compete with its competitors by offering consumers a number of transmission options. The Defender 90 model featured a 3.9L engine with a 5-speed manual LT77 transmission and subsequent models were produced with 4-speed, 5-speed, and 6-speed automatic transmissions, giving Land Rover enthusiasts more options than both the Discovery and the Range Rover makes and models.

LandRover transmissions available

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LandRover transmissions
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