Lincoln transmissions


The first Lincoln transmissions were produced by the Ford Company. The C4, built by Ford, was an aluminum three-speed automatic transmission that was built for light to medium duty applications. It was used in the Lincoln Versailles from 1977 to 1980. The C6 transmission was an automatic transmission built by the Ford Company in 1966 and was used in all Lincoln Continentals from 1966 until it was phased out by the AOD in 1979. It featured three driving speeds and reverse, and was mated with a Simpson planetary gearset.

The AOD, short for automatic overdrive, was a four speed transmission that was introduced in 1980. It was Ford’s first automatic transmission with overdrive. The AOD used the same gearset as the Ford FMX transmission. Lincoln incorporated the AOD automatic transmission to be used in Lincoln Continentals from 1980 to 1987. AOD transmissions were also featured in the Lincoln Mark VI, Lincoln Continental, and the Lincoln Town Car of the 80s. In 1991, the AOD was improved with electronic controls and renamed the AODE. It was intended for V8s, but was easily adapted to the older AOD vehicles. The AOD and the AODE share the same gearsets and components but are not interchangeable due to the use of electronically shifted solenoids used in the modern AODE. The AODE was featured in all Lincoln Town Cars from 1991 to 1994. In 1993, the Lincoln Mark VIII was released with the improved 4R70W. The 4R70W was a four-speed automatic transmission that had a lower 1st and 2nd gear ratio for better acceleration. On vehicles with a 5.4 liter engine, the 4R70W incorporated a stronger gear set instead of the stock gears used on regular duty 4R70Ws. The 4R70W is rated to handle up to 506 pounds of torque with ease. These Lincoln transmissions are strong enough to handle the torque put out by vehicles such as the 1993–2004 Lincoln Town Car and the 1993–1998 Lincoln Mark VIII. One of the modifications for the 4R70W is the J-mod. This alteration will allow your transmission to shift even faster, run smoother, and engage gears at a faster rate. It can also increase the life of your Lincoln transmissions. Whether you are looking for the newest Lincoln transmission or an older AOD – houstonenginerebuild has got it all. We ship anywhere in the world. With houstonenginerebuild by your side, we have everything for your Lincoln ride.

Lincoln transmissions available

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Lincoln transmissions
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