Mazda transmissions


When looking for a Mazda transmission, prospective customers should know a few things regarding the different types of transmissions available. New Mazda transmissions come straight from the factory, while used or rebuilt Mazda transmissions are commonly sold as aftermarket parts. This usually applies to older Mazda vehicles that have accumulated a collective 100,000 miles or more. Whether new or rebuilt, all Mazda transmissions come with limited warranties.

Seeing as how Mazda vehicles have been on the road for decades, many different types of transmissions have been assembled for each vehicle model, such as the 626, the Miata, RX-7, Rx-8, Tribute, and many other Mazda models. In the case of transmissions, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all models. The engine of every Mazda vehicle is synchronized to coincide with its transmission type. Although some transmissions are interchangeable, staying with the designated model is a good idea.

There are two main Mazda transmission types: the standard and the automatic. The standard transmission is also known as a “stick shift,” which requires the use of a clutch pedal before shifting gears. The automatic transmission has no clutch pedal and can be shifted from the “park” position to any other gear by hand. In terms of dependability, the standard transmission is more durable and can last longer, provided that the Mazda vehicle owner follows through with scheduled maintenance visits. The Mazda automatic transmission is still a viable option and can last for years, not to mention that having an automatic transmission makes driving easier. Used Mazda transmission warranties will vary; on the average, most warranties last about a year, while some extended warranties are covered for up to three years.

Mazda transmissions, from time to time, can develop symptoms that call for transmission repair or replacement. For automatic transmissions, one symptom is referred to as “delay.” If more than a second in time lapses when shifting from park to any other gear, the fluid level may be low, which means that the transmission may have developed a slow leak. Another symptom is called “slippage.” During acceleration, the vehicle may have a tendency to drag noticeably; if it takes more than a second or two to reach a desired speed, chances are that the transmission needs to be serviced or replaced. Paying a visit to a Mazda dealer or reputable service center is recommended.

Mazda transmissions available

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Mazda transmissions
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