Saab transmissions


There will possibly come a time when the transmission on your SAAB automobile will cease to function at top performance or die out completely. You can either take the vehicle to a mechanic and pay a huge amount to have this replaced or you can find some time on a weekend with the proper tools and remove the transmission yourself. Here are a few tips and procedures that will assist you in making this job quick and easy.

• With the use of a jack and jack stands, your Saab needs to be completely lifted off the ground both in the front and the rear of the vehicle. The reason for this lift is to properly be able to remove all components related to the vehicle’s transmission found at both the front and back of the car.

• Once the car has been properly secures, you will then remove the shift linkage, as well as the body of the throttle component, from the transmission. Most mechanics will suggest that an air compressed socket wrench be used for this situation to avoid a quick and easy release of the parts.

• At this point, a set of needle nosed pliers will be used to remove the nuts that are fastened to the vacuum hoses to the transmission. Once the hoses have been removed accordingly, the speedometer cable will be the next to be removed using the pliers. This part has to be done carefully based on the fragile state of these parts and the fact that these parts are still functioning and not in need of replacement.

• Once all parts have been removed from the transmission, you will then proceed to slide the U-Joint out of the rear of the vehicle’s transmission.

• With the assistance of a jack used primarily for transmissions, you will position it directly under the unit and carefully lift the transmission to allow for some sort of suspension. At this point, you will remove the lower bell housing and the torque converter by unfastening the secured bolts with a socket wrench.

• Once that has been complete, remove the transmission mount and cross member. At this point, the transmission can be properly removed and replaced accordingly within your Saab.

Saab transmissions available

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Saab transmissions
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