Saturn transmissions


Saturn transmissions are manufactured by the Saturn Corporation in Spring Hill, Tennessee. In 1991, the first automatic transmissions that Saturn used was the 4T60-E. The 4T60-E has a 245mm torque converter and is equipped with varying stall speed. The stall speed torque converter allows itself to reach maximum efficiency and is also balanced with the weight of the vehicle for better power efficiency. Gear ratios for the 4T60-E are 2.92, 1.56, 1.00, 0.70, and 2.38. The 4T60-E was the transmission that was in nearly every front-wheel drive GM vehicle, including Saturn. In 1997, 4T65-E was introduced to replace the older 4T60-E transmissions. In 2003, the 4T65-E was improved with new internal electronics, stronger gear shafts, and a new 3rd gear was added. The gear ratios for this Saturn transmission are 2.92, 1.56, 1.00, 0.70, and 2.38 – the same as the 4T60-E. This Saturn transmission included a 258 mm torque converter and was able to handle up to 280 pounds of torque. The same gear ratios with a bigger torque converter allow the 4T65-E to be more reliable and better at power output. Other additions to the 4T65-E include a upgraded valve body and a gross vehicle weight rating of up to 6500 pounds.

Other Saturn transmissions include the Saturn MP transmission line. The MP2 is a derivative of the 5-speed manual transmission. The MP2 is designed for Saturn vehicles requiring that have outputs of up to 122 pounds of torque. The MP2 has been proven to be a reliable clutch with even higher torque outputs. The gear ratios for the MP2 are 3.077, 1.810, 1.207, 0.861, 0.643, and 2.923. The MP2 has been featured on all Saturn SC1, SL1, SW1 from 1991 to 2002. The MP3, another 5-speed transverse transmission by Saturn, is almost identical to the MP2. The only difference is the MP3 uses higher gear ratios. The gears for the MP3 are 3.250, 2.056, 1.423, 1.033, 0.730, and 2.923. All the gears are different except for the last one – it was kept for fuel economy reasons. This transmission was featured on all Saturn SC2, SL2, SW2 from 1991 to 2002. Our staff at houstonenginerebuild will even ship for free if you live in the 48 Continental United States. If you are looking for the reliable 4T65-E or the manual MP2 – houstonenginerebuild has got it all. We’ll even ship your Saturn transmission anywhere in the world.

Saturn transmissions available

Saturn Ion 4-Cyl. 2.2 Liter, Saturn Ion 4-Cyl. 2.4 Liter, Saturn Ion 4-Cyl. Supercharged, Saturn L100 4-Cyl. 2.2 Liter, Saturn L100 4-Cyl. 2.3L HO Turbo, Saturn L200 4-Cyl. 2.2 Liter, Saturn L300 4-Cyl. 2.2 Liter, Saturn L300 V6 3.0 Liter, Saturn L300 V6 3.0 Liter 24V, Saturn LS 4-Cyl. 2.2 Liter, Saturn LS1 4-Cyl. 2.2 Liter, Saturn LS2 V6 3.0 Liter 24V, Saturn LW1 4-Cyl. 2.2 Liter, Saturn LW2 V6 3.0 Liter 24V, Saturn LW200 4-Cyl. 2.2 Liter, Saturn LW300 4-Cyl. 2.2 Liter, Saturn LW300 V6 3.0 Liter 24V, Saturn Relay V6 3.5 Liter, Saturn SC 4-Cyl. 1.9 Liter, Saturn SC 4-Cyl. 1.9L DOHC, Saturn SC1 4-Cyl. 1.9 Liter, Saturn SC2 4-Cyl. 1.9 Liter 16V, Saturn SC2 4-Cyl. 1.9L DOHC, Saturn SL 4-Cyl. 1.9 Liter, Saturn SL 4-Cyl. 1.9 Liter 16V, Saturn SL1 4-Cyl. 1.9 Liter, Saturn SL1 4-Cyl. 1.9 Liter 16V, Saturn SL2 4-Cyl. 1.9 Liter, Saturn SL2 4-Cyl. 1.9 Liter 16V, Saturn SL2 4-Cyl. 1.9L DOHC, Saturn SW1 4-Cyl. 1.9 Liter, Saturn SW2 4-Cyl. 1.9 Liter, Saturn SW2 4-Cyl. 1.9 Liter 16V, Saturn SW2 4-Cyl. 1.9L DOHC, Saturn VUE 4-Cyl. 2.2 Liter, Saturn VUE V6 3.0 Liter, Saturn VUE V6 3.5 Liter, Saturn used transmissions are here at your fingertips. Both used Saturn transmission or a rebuilt Saturn transmission or houstonenginerebuild has numerous locations for Saturn

Saturn transmissions
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