Smog Inspection

A Reliable Auto Repair Shop Where You Can Go for a Smog Check

Did you know that our auto repair shop in Houston is a fully licensed smog testing facility too? If you are a driver, you know that each year your car should pass a smog inspection. If you are located anywhere in or around our service region, feel free to come Winfield Kenny Auto for your test. People that visit us are happy with the services we provide because we always strive to be as quick as possible.

Your car carries you safely across the highways, but is it safe for everybody? This question is for you and your community. The first people to be affected by your car’s harmful emissions is your family and kids. Prevent toxins from the exhaust system from entering your cabin and from contaminating it. Our shop is the destination that drivers choose when they want to be sure about the quality of their emissions.

There is a regulated quality for emissions, and we provide smog tests to make sure your vehicles are compliant. Protecting the environment and keeping the air safe to breath is every driver’s responsibility. Start here, at our auto repair shop, for a quick but complete test.

What happens really during the smog check?

When you come to Winfield Kenny Auto for the inspection, you can expect one of our qualified technicians to attach measuring equipment to your car. The test consists of emission inspection, visual inspection, and functional inspection – all of which ensure your equipment is in place, functioning, and doing its job of weeding out pollutants from the exhaust. During the check, the measurements taken are recorded and immediately available to the agency monitoring the emissions.

We will give you a copy of the results, called a VIR – vehicle inspection report, along with a receipt for the payment of the smog inspection. If your vehicle fails the test, you can choose to have it repaired in our auto repair shop in Houston or another facility.

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