Suzuki Engines


Japanese car manufacturer Suzuki has been around since 1909. Although they specialize mainly in compact cars, in recent years they’ve also begun producing crossover SUVs and powerful pickups. With numerous economical, safe, and fuel-efficient choices, Suzuki’s vehicles appeal to smart consumers who really know the value of a dollar. When Suzuki engines stop working, the price of purchasing a new one from a dealership or local shop can be positively shocking.

Purchasing a Suzuki engine from Got Engines Inc. is a smart choice for individuals who want to avoid wasting money when they can. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer quality used engines at prices that astonish many of our customers. How do we do it? By cutting out the middle man. When you get a quote for a Suzuki engine from the dealership or your friendly neighborhood mechanic, the number they give you is drastically inflated. When you order a quality engine through, you get factory direct, wholesale pricing. You pay the same price for the part as your mechanic, and it’s often less than half of what you’d be charged at your local shop.

At, our lower prices don’t correspond to substandard quality. When you buy a new engine from us, it will perform exactly the way the original did the day you drove your car off the lot. We are also pleased to offer used engines, rebuilt Suzuki engines, and refurbished Suzuki engines. If you’re worried that these types of engines won’t perform the way they should, don’t be! All of our remanufactured engines are built by qualified mechanics. In addition, all rebuilt and refurbished engines are tested to ensure they meet industry standards for configuration and performance. Your choice about which type of engine you want to purchase will depend on a number of factors, including the age of your vehicle, how much longer you think you will keep your vehicle, and the amount of money you are willing to spend on a quality engine. believes that our customers should be free to shop around for new, used, and refurbished engines, which is why we offer no-strings-attached quotes to all prospective clients. Simply call our toll-free number, and you’ll be connected to a friendly and knowledgeable sales rep. Provide us with your VIN, and we’ll search our warehouse or conduct a nationwide search if needed. We can find any engine, any time, and we’ll sell it to you for much less than you’d expect. 

Suzuki Engines
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