Toyota transmissions


In 1935, Toyota introduced its first prototype and, more than 60 years later; the Japanese automobile manufacturer expanded its product offerings to include 16 different engines, 4 unique transmission rates and a total of 13 models.

From trucks to sport utility vehicles to sports cars, each Toyota model is equipped with an efficient combination of its unique engine and transmission. Toyota transmissions fall into either the automatic or manual category. Each category has branched out to different series; each of them corresponds to different engine applications and has different transmissions speeds.

The A and U series make up automatic Toyota transmissions. Aisin Warner produced the A-series transmission, which is used in front-wheel drives, rear-wheel drives or all-wheel drives and has a 2-6 transmission speed. The U-series, on the other hand, are only for front-wheel drive vehicles.

There are 11 series that compose the manual transmissions of Toyota. The C-series are commonly used in front-wheel drives, mid-engine rear-wheel drive and transverse engines. Compatible in all-wheel drives, front-wheel drives and mid-engine drives is the E-series. Rear-wheel and all-wheel drives can use the G-series transmission. The H-series are made especially for Land Cruisers, and the K series is for small-sized vehicles. The L-series are suitable for trucks and rear-wheel drives. The P-series are also suitable with rear-wheel drives, but only those that utilize a synchronizer similar to that of Porsche. The R-series can also be used for rear-wheel drives. The S-series are used in front, as well as mid-engine drives. The T and W series are both used in transmissions with speeds of 4 or 5. Lastly, the V-series fit in vehicles with 6-speed transmissions. The different transmission speeds for the other series are 5-speed for R and S series and a 4 and 5 speeds for the G, H and K series.

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Toyota transmissions available

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Toyota transmissions
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