Volvo transmissions


Volvo, which was founded in 1927, is a Swedish car company which has produced a number of varieties of cars over the years. Vehicles made by the Volvo company are known for their safety and durability, as are the parts produced by Volvo and included in their cars. Transmissions in Volvo vehicles are, as would be expected, also held to this high standard.

In earlier years, transmissions for Volvo cars were produced by a German manufacturer, but those included in more recent models have been made through a contract with a Japanese auto parts company. There have been few reported widespread issues or problems with transmissions in vehicles made by the Volvo company, which is a distinctive feature among automotive companies worldwide that frequently must publicly admit that their cars are defective or have transmission flaws before even being sold.

The most common problem reported with a Volvo vehicle transmission has been with the V70 model sold in recent years. Some consumers have contacted the company, informing them that the transmissions in their cars simply stopped running after a period of time, or caused disturbing effects, such as loud or disruptive noises which made owners quite anxious. The Volvo company has held that these complaints are not representative of the vehicles they produce in general, and are largely the result of consumer misuse or normal wear and tear on the car in most cases.

One innovation by the Volvo company in the area of transmissions is their Geartronic transmission. This particular model is a combination of attributes of both manual and automatic transmissions. It contains a microprocessor which serves as a backup gear-shifting device in the event that the driver fails to properly utilize the manual transmission system, or simply forgets to shift gears at the right time. This is an incredibly useful invention on the part of the Volvo company, as many cars suffer from early transmission failure due to user error or forgetfulness in manual transmission use. A transmission like the Geartronic models will still offer the fuel economy benefits of a manual system, without the risks to the car or the safety of the driver often associated with non-automatic transmissions.

Volvo transmissions available

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Volvo transmissions
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