When Do I Need an Engine Rebuild?

Three Signs You Need a Professional Engine Rebuild

Being a car owner doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to tell if it’s time for an engine rebuild. There are some automotive repairs that can be completed easily with the help of a few tools or new parts. Rebuilding an engine is a whole different story. In this blog, you will find what it is and how to tell if you might need one soon. Ready to learn more? Keep reading!

First of all, what is an engine rebuild?

Before we explore the signs of it, let’s first explore what it involves. To rebuild a car’s engine, you need to remove it from the vehicle and take it apart. In some cases, you can leave it in and that’s when people refer to the engine being ‘inframed’. Anyway, let’s move on to the actual part of rebuilding. After it’s taken apart, the mechanic usually cleans it and checks it for issues. Then, the damaged parts are replaced. Once all that’s done, the engine is put back together. That’s the most simplified way to explain the process.

Now, on to the telltale signs you need one…

When trying to figure out whether you might soon end up needing this type of service, you need to really keep your eyes and ears sharp for the unusual sounds and visual clues your vehicle will give you. Some of the most common ones include:

Loud knocking sounds

Apart from it being really annoying to hear this type of sound when you start accelerating, it’s also telling you something is up with your engine. It is definitely not normal and it can lead to other problems that will take you straight to the professional auto service shop.

Increased oil consumption

A general sign that something is wrong with your engine is when you see your oil consumption going up and the oil pressure going down. It’s because as part wear out, they get thinner and the space between them is where oil escapes when it’s been burned off.

Oil or Coolant Goop

If your radiator is using lots of coolant liquid or an oil sludge on the pin when you are replacing your oil, then you know something’s not quite right. It is a common sign that people notice right before they need an engine rebuild.

If you have noticed some of these sounds when operating your vehicle, you may want to skip the wait until things get more serious and come for a checkup at . We are based in Houston and besides rebuilding engines, we also offer car diagnostics, auto maintenance, smog inspection, and more.

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